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DTC Business Model

A direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model is known for supplying the products directly to the consumer. Instead of adhering to traditional retail stores, distributors, and other intermediary channels, we are able to pitch the products directly to the consumers and at a much LOWER price.


Important Note

Shortage of Biking Industry

The present Covid-19 situation is challenging for the biking industry. Due to lockdown restraints and lack of activity, the demand of bicycles is witnessing an all time high. Hence, we are trying our best to cater to the requirements of one and all, and hence trying to get items in-stock and ship them as quickly as possible. 

We have furthermore introduced our ‘In-Stock filter’ which helps you avail the items which are in stock and ready to ship. Hence, sign up for the email new letter to get regular updates of the new and restocked items. For an enhanced experience, you can pre-order your favorite items and be ahead of others.  Thank you for showing your interest in RIDE CVLN. Keep shopping!


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