• CVLN CYCLOCROSS: Raw, race-ready poetry.

    In this world of drive-thrus, no-foam lattes, and hyper-convenience, there’s nothing rational about turning yourself inside out every weekend. But that’s cyclocross. Rude. Undefined. Painful.

    And, during lap three, when your heart is exploding, your legs are screaming, and your will is shot, you somehow find it within yourself to push even harder.

    Because the bell lap is coming, signaling the end of the race and the beginning of another rational week before you get to do it all over again.

  • If Superman couldn't fly he'd ride this

    CX/LRLV SUPER d’lux

    A fast and functional race machine that could really only be dubbed as one thing...SUPER! It's that good. SEE THE BIKE

  • If Superman couldn't fly he'd ride this

    CX/VIVE LE ROI d’lux

    The swift, barrier-hopping Vive Le Roi de lux is built to be fast and functional through the muck and mire, forcing your competition to go no where but off the back. Long live the Vive Le Roi de lux! SEE THE BIKE


    ***SAMPLE BIKE SALE!*** Just in time for winter… Posted 10.23.2014